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Image by Ray Fragapane

                 OUR MISSION AND VISION

                                                                                         Our Mission 

                               “Restore Hope in Broken Lives and Build a Stronger Community Together.” 

· Everything we do, participate in, and those we partner with begin and end with this mission. 

· We believe in God’s calling for the Church to actively seek to help those in need. 

· We support and encourage the synergy by which we can all serve our community better together, than any resource can alone. Jesus prayed for unity in the Church. We seek it. 

                                                                                          Our Vision 

                                                  “We Move to: Stabilize, Strengthen, and Support.” 

· Our vision guides our approach to both individuals through the R&R House Program and our Community as a whole. 


· Restore 12:12 is a movement, not an institution. We are outwardly focused in all we do. 

· “Move” is an action word. Stagnancy and internal focus oppose our purpose. 


· Stability is the key to growth individually and in community. It is a necessary starting point for both and we will do whatever is needed to stop deterioration and prepare for growth. 


· Our goal is to work ourselves out of a need in every way. We want to develop strong young adults in our community, that will add to the strength of local churches, resources, and families, and will eventually strengthen our community as a whole. 


· Once stabilized and strengthened to the point of independence, Restore 12:12 continues to be engaged in the lives of those we have been granted the honor to serve and seek to support them in their new walk. 

· Restore 12:12 Ministries sees everyone that walks through our doors as precious brothers and sisters, made perfectly in the image and likeness of a living and loving God, and as such our Family. Family does not abandon Family. 

· As a resource in the Bolivar Community, we see ourselves as Family to all those seeking to work together to help people in need and support our community.

Mission/Vision: About Us
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